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Hoont Bug Zapper

Hoont Bug Zapper

Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper – 20 Watts, Covers 6,000 Sq. Ft. / Fly Killer, Insect Killer, Mosquito Killer – For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Use

Sold by: Four Corners Dist.

Safe poison and chemical free Hoont flying bug zapper is what I chose to protect my family from mosquitos this summer. All the rain winter brought I am certain standing pools of water are out there everywhere. A breeding hotel for mosquitos is just a couple inches of stagnant water.


This zapper was an easy choice for me to make. With mosquitos comes illness and in severe cases death. The Zika Virus is one of those viruses one can get if bit by mosquitos. I plan on combatting this problem with the help of this bug zapper is armed with high voltage electrically and a charged metal grid, instantly killing them. Its endless the amount of bugs this thing can kill.

It can be used either indoor or outdoor. If outdoors it needs to be placed a way from anywhere it may get wet. I am using it indoor. There is no low hum going to make you crazy Hoont has eliminated the noise. Hardware has been included to hang this model zapper. Because keeping it away from children is very important since there is a hazard of electric shock.


Equipped with an on /off and replaceable bulbs; I think I made a good choice getting this bug zapper. I hope I did just trying to keep my babies healthy.


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