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The Eliminator Bug Zapper

The Eliminator Bug Zapper

Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug Zapper – 20 Watts, Protects 5,000 Sq. Ft. / Exterminates All Insect Pests – For Residential, Industrial and Commercial Use

Sold by: Eliminator Direct

I already know that due to all the rain we got during winter spring and summer flying insects are going to be bad. The bugs seem to procreate more when there is an abundance of water.

 So, I am getting ready for them early. The Eliminator Flying Insect Zapper is going to help me fight them off and hopefully minimize the amount I must deal with in the house and back patio. This zapper should give good coverage for my house since, it covers an area of 5,000 square feet and my home isn’t half that size.

 The added tray in the bottom of the zapper is a plus since, it makes it easier to clean the dead carcasses from the zapper. The best reason of all to get an electronic bug zapper is my fur-babies. I won’t need to use any pesticides or chemicals to combat the problem so I know my babies will be fine. There won’t be any funky odors from bug spays either.

 If all it ever kills is flies I will be one happy lady because flies bite me. Most people believe that flies do not bite but I know they do. As an adult, I have met others that get bit too, not that I’m happy about it but misery loves company and it is nice knowing I am not crazy.


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