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72 Dual Tip Art Markers by Soucolor

Dual Tip Art Markers

Soucolor 72 Colors Professional Dual Tip Art Markers, Fine and Chisel Tip, Permanent Sketch Artist Marker Highlighters with Carrying Case for Painting Coloring Highlighting and Underlining

Sold by: Dreamcolor US

This collection of art markers is super. It has all of the colors I could want but the thing I like best is every color in the set has a complimentary shading color. A couple of hues lighter or darker depending on how you perceive.


The art markers are dual tipped so, I can use broad strokes or flip the pen over and it’s a fine tipped. It’s nice because most dual tip markers you must physically remove the marker tip and flip it over. All you do with these to use either broad or fine is use the other end. The others I end up with color all over my hands because it is messy.


I like that they have a number on them not that I need to know what the number is or means but it is a reference point when having to go back and fill in with the same color the numbers make certain I use the exact color I started with. Other makers I have used it a guessing game if I have the right shade. Problem is once marker touches paper the wrong shade is used.


They have also included a carrying case, nice because 72 makers are a lot of pens to keep corralled. Also, I can tell by the weightiness of the markers there is a great deal of ink in each pen. I have always used this trick as a way of measuring the amount of ink in the markers and it has always been true to form. img_5498


The makers dry quickly without smudging. This is an important feature with any artist as smudging can ruin a great deal of work already completed. There is a slight chemical smell but no more than any other brand of maker. This set of 72 art makers is a great buy and should last me quite a long while.

I would absolutely recommend this set to others and I have. I would re-buy this exact set because they are great makers. There is no variation or streaking in the colors. I really enjoy using them. Another thing is they are on the chunky side not skinny at all I like that because when they are thin my hand tends to cramp the thicker markers allow me to do my artwork longer and that is great


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