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2 in 1 Nose hair Trimmers

Nose Hair Trimmer, 2 in 1 Nose Trimmer/Ear Hair Trimmer/Sideburn/Beard Trimmer Shaver Ideal for Trimming Nose, Ear, Sideburn, Beard and Neck Precisely with ProtecTube technology (Battery Included)

Sold by: Betevo US


We bought these as a gift for my husband’s brother. Sometimes men are hard to buy for and this makes a great gift. Believe me it is something they will never buy for themselves. Although they will appreciate having one once the try it and use it.

This one has attachments for beard and sideburns trimming, plus the nostril hair trimmer. Although, my brother in law says that occasionally, he has experienced pulling of his nose hairs, rather then cutting. OUCH! He says the beard and sideburns trimmer works great. The trimmers come with everything needed to start using the grooming implements.

The one thing it does not have which is one thing he would of like is a stand or a zippered pouch. Something that would hold all the parts to his trimmer. He finally asked his wife for one of her spare make up bags so he doesn’t have to search through the drawer in the for the parts to his trimmer.

All in all, He says it is a good product but he would love it better if they had thought to include a bag, a stand or something to keep it all together. Also it pulls hair in nose sometimes which he was not fond of at all.

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