Great Buys

If you are willing to forgo the 2 day prime shipping. Wait a little while to get your purchase. Then some real incredible buys can be found on

Here is where I list those buys that I have found hope you find something you like and will take advantage of Great Buys from Alli Buys. Enjoy!


Items like these I take advantage of a great deal and I purchase a few of them at a time. That way a birthday or extra guests at Christmas pops up, I am not caught off guard. I can just wrap it up and instant gift.

* Packaging elevates jewelry! Remember this phrase; since boxes are dead give a ways, to how much or how little you have spent, on your jewelry gift. Keep them guessing and find appropriate boxes for gifting jewelry. $2 and $3 jewelry items depending on the presentation box it is given in, can easily translate to maybe you spent $20 – $30 or more.

IE. necklace should be put in a box made for necklace (usually rectangle) Rings (square box) it is easy to tell what box is for what jewelry by the way it is fastened to stay in place in the box

Example See below:

img_4382               img_4539  this a review item and it sticks in my craw. It is not really expensive but a $40 necklace ought to come in a better gift box. This box is meant for a ring, and only if you want the receiver to know you spent very little on the ring, it is bad box even for a ring.

Example #2

Another review item 1st picture the box they came. 2nd picture is me telling seller better box. What do you think share your opinion?

Below is the perfect example of how the presentation effects what is the perceived value.

In comments please tell me what you think the value of this bridal wedding ring set costs.